Integration Package

What is going on in the neighborhood and what street festivals or activities are worthwhile going to? What are the most beautiful squares of the city or where do Frankfurt locals go for a drink after work? Where do I meet people that fit me? And where do I buy the trendiest clothes or tailored suit? To these and other questions, we have the right answer.

You need a language school, a personal language trainer or connection to a language group of like-minded people? Do you like to do sports at the gym or with a personal trainer? You like to go to yoga, squash, climbing – and prefer doing that directly after work? You need tickets for the opera, the theater, a rock concert or a Bundesliga game? If you are into cooking and want to take cooking classes to meet like-minded people? You plan to enroll your children in a new sports club and you need specific information? Your life partner wants a change in career and requires knowledge to industries and headhunters in the city? You want recommendations for a weekend trip to the lake , nature park or other recreational areas ? Visit your favorite Italian restaurant around the corner where you are greeted with a handshake? You need a recommendation for a nice bar or a trendy club – and you don’t want to stand in line at the entrance? You are a passionate networker and love to visit interesting network events? Are you planning a home catering or looking for a beautiful location to celebrate your birthday?

We find things that suit you. We listen to you and your family and respond to your special needs and wishes. We bring Frankfurt city close to you so you can start networking right away.